Item Code: #OWC2001
Title: Into the Darkness
Type: Adventure
For: 4th-6th level characters
Author: R. Hyrum Savage
Published: 2001
Publisher: Otherworld Creations
Format: 32-page book
Into the Darkness follows the characters as they seek to return Kammerath to its rightful owner and have it reconsecrated after the Gadianti, worshippers of dark gods and practioners of even darker rites, have defiled it.

Can the characters return the sword to Nicanor? Can they convince the Gnolaum of their need? And what ties do the Hearthom have to all that is going on? Murder, mayhem, and mystery hound the characters as they travel from the forests of the Arak to the blood stained cities of the Gadianti and Zeredites.

Got Heroes?

Into the Darkness is part two of the sweeping and epic campaign "Unto this End". It is designed for a group of 4th - 6th level characters and takes place just days after "In The Beginning". (Found in the Diomin worldbook.)

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