Item Code: #GRR1009
Title: Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts
Type: Accessory
Published: 2001
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 64-page perfect-bound book
Legions from the East!

Forest demons, heavenly dragons, shapeshifting foxes, and hungry ghosts thirsty for revenge - all stalk forth from the legends of Asia! Surprise your players with bell spirits, bat-ninjas, demonic oni, the Chinese Phoenix, and the legendary Monkey King! These all-new monsters thrive in every environment from bamboo forests to samurai castles, from raging oceans to mist-enshrouded mountains, and from the depths of Hell to the harmony of Heaven.

From spirits to undead, and from the Dragon King to the smallest road goblin, these creatures make the legends of Asia real.

Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts includes more than 60 fully-illustrated monsters from the legends of Japan, China, Burma, Vietnam, and Malaysia - as well as all-new creatures from the minds of some of the industry's finest game designers. Authors include former Dragon Magazine editor and TSR designer Wolfgang Baur, Dragon Fist designer Chris Pramas, Forgotten Realms stalwart Steven E. Schend, and Greyhawk guru Erik Mona.

This book also boasts a special introduction and featured monster by original Oriental Adventures designer David "Zeb" Cook!

A must for any DM, Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts lets players tangle with the beasts from the east. Your Asian adventures start right here.

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