Item Code: #MKY1117
Title: The Jade Magi Sewer Crawl
Type: Adventure
For: 4th-6th level characters
Author: Christopher Colón
Published: 2002
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 72-page perfect-bound book
In the province of Ling, Lord Yu has a problem: his mother. She's pompous and elitist and undercuts his actions by controlling the province guard. More recently, however, other problems started. Huge rats began appearing in alleyways. A six-foot weasel was found in a hen house. Worst of all, an overpowering stench poured out from the drainage system. Lord Yu's guard, who have a touch of the lord's mother's ways, have been too "busy" to approach the task of finding out what is going on. Enter the adventurers, who, if they take the promise of cash and glory, walk into one of the truly messy situations of their careers.

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