Item Code: #K&C8003 (K3)
Title: The Doom of Listonshire
Type: Adventure
For: 4 or more characters, levels 5 and up
Author: Ari Marmell
Published: 2005
Publisher: Necromancer Games / Kenzer & Company
Format: 96-page pefect-bound book
The Duke is Dead. Can You Save the Duchy?

A distant province on the frontier of civilization, Listonshire mourns a beloved leader, cut down by a dark curse that bedevils the region with ill luck, misery, an ambitious baron and all manner of hideous monsters. Its people stay in their homes, and trade has ground almost to a halt. Only a few know the truth: That one of the duke's heirs survives, and can prevent the treacherous baron from taking the throne. Only these few dare speak up and call for help. They only await stalwart heroes to answer them.

An Unpredictable Quest in a Dozen Parts

Listonshire is designed as the ultimate adventuring ground. A dozen different locations, wilderness and dungeon, full of conversation and combat, stand between the heroes and success. To restore the ducal family to power, they need find not merely the missing heir, but proof of her right to rule, and evidence of the baron's deceit. They must comb tree and hillside, lake and catacomb; face monsters both familiar and utterly alien; and survive the wrath of the being from whose power the curse is drawn: The Oinodaemon, Lord of Plauges.

The Doom of Listonshire contains a simple system of random determination, allowing the DM to place the party's goals in various locations, making this a different adventure each time it's played!

Designed foruse with the Third Edition Revised rules.

Fantasy Adventure
(Wilderness, City, Dungeon)
Core d20 System

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