Item Code: #MKY1114
Title: All the King's Men
Type: Adventure
For: 7th-9th level characters
Author: Michael Tresca
Published: 2002
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 48-page book
Alas, Poor Yorrick!

Filled with bizarre characters, twisted plots, and a macabre sense of humor, All the King's Men takes the PCs on a wild romp through the dark underbelly of Hamdon, a fantasy version of renaissance London. When the archbishop turns up dead at the production of the latest play, the acting troupe known as The King's Men is accused of murder. It's up to the PCs to track down the killer and prove the actors' innocence. But not everything is as it seems in the world of acts and actors.

All the King's Men is a d20 System adventure suitable for characters of 7th-9th level.

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