Item Code: #APL0901
Title: The Last Days of Constantinople
Type: Adventure
For: 1-3 level
Published: 2001
Publisher: Avalanche Press LTD
Format: 46-page book
April, 1453. For a thousand years, the Byzantine Empire has been civilization's guardian, carrying on Rome's legacy. Now 100,000 battle-hardened Turkish warrriors have surrounded the great city and are making ready to storm its mighty walls.

A D20 adventure for 1st through 3rd level characters, from the scripter of the best-selling computer strategy games Panzer General 2 and Silent Hunter 2 (SSI). Find the young empress - if she even exists. Stand alongside the last Roman emperor in a climactic fight to the death. Fight Vlad the Impaler, nastiest of the Sultan's allies. Meet the Eastern world's most exotic temptress. Wield new weapons: Greek Fire, arquebuses, and the Great Cannon. And as the Turks pour into the breaches, oppurtunities to hack abound. A stand-alone adventure, or use its detailed background as source material for your own campaign!

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