Item Code: #AEG8322
Title: The Last Defender
Type: Adventure
For: 5th-7th level characters
Author: A.A. Acevedo & J. Darby Douglas
Published: 2001
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
The spring thaw is in full force. The sun shines brightly over the Brathmoor Mountains, shooting streaks of color across the snowy clouds. The streams and rivers run fast, swollen with melting ice and snow. The local rangers have declared the trails clear for travel, through Genmarr Pass to the coast on the opposite side.

Your party has traveled several days to reach Genmarr Pass. Aside from a few trappers and woodsmen you haven't seen many other travelers. The pass is generally quiet this time of year, but these last few days have seemed unusually still. It's as if the entire area is waiting for something to happen...

The merchants said this would be an easy undertaking. Just trek up to the dizzying heights of Genmarr Pass, retrieve their ill-fated caravan, and take it to the port city of Desburg on the other side of the Mountains. Yet each step up the mountain feels... wrong.

Your lungs burn as the altitude take its toll. As you round a bend in the trail, you spot the remains of the caravan you were sent to find. Behind it, looming in the lengthening shadows of dusk lurks the hulking towers and battlements of The Cursed Gateway... a long, unmanned battlement from a bygone era. Are the legends about the Gateway true? Is the pass truly haunted?

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