Item Code: #MKY1104
Title: The Last Initiate
Type: Adventure
For: 5th-6th level characters
Author: Robert Perreault & Peter Robidoux
Published: 2001
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 44-page book
A Lost Plea

The skeletal body you found in the wilds carried a plea for help - a plea that was never delivered. Whoever he was, his failure left his entire brotherhood under siege by a barbarous army of Orcs. Did the priests and their followers survive the attack, to still live hidden somewhere in the wilderness? While the dead man you found doesn't talk, his weathered note bares a map to the secret temple's location.

But the note also speaks of treasures; Wonders he calls them, that must be saved at all cost. Perhaps a trip to this temple might be in order. After all, the clerics may still need some help. Or, more likely, there could be treasures left for the taking. And with no civilization nearby, the fortification of the temple is just what you need. Because those very same Orc hordes are now hunting you.

Tired and cold, you may make it to a temple hidden for years from prying eyes. It must surely offer some protection, since its defenses held off invaders long ago. But the temple seems almost alive, and intent on keeping its secrets from all foreigners.

And perhaps, it might not be as empty as you think....

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