Item Code: #AG3216
Title: Lean & Hungry
Type: Adventure
For: 4th-7th level characters
Author: Chad Broulliard
Published: 2002
Publisher: Atlas Games
Format: 64-page book
A deadly hunger lies in wait...

Deep in the heart of a burial mound lies the form of an ancient Alchemist; the corrupt widow of a long-dead daimyo lord who has remained immersed in a crystal bath filled with the essence of divine wind - a liquid distillation of divine ki energies - for a millennium in order to gain perfect immortality. But now a group of wandering heroes is called upon to overcome her undead jikininki minions, a band of rampaging barbarian raiders, and relic seekers who would unwisely plunder the grave, before the depraved Alchemist is forever transformed into a living god!

Lean and Hungry is a D20 System Japanese-flavored fantasy scenario for a party of 4th to 6th level. It includes:

  • New wondrous items like the vigilant lantern that reveals the infernal nature harbored by those its light touches; the amulet of the sheltered mind that wards against the effects of enchantments; the amulet of the watchful eye, created to be the central piece in a magical scrying system; and the sands of timing that measure the precise temporal flow of arcane energies and processes
  • New spells such as the wand of ravenous hunger, that curses grave-robbers with an all-consuming hunger; and bless salt, which hinders the spawning of undead creatures.
  • New potions like essence of the divine winds that harvests ki energies to transform its user into an undying divinity; and the distillation of quickened stone that hardens the rock it's applied to and causes it to grow lighter
  • The blasphemous rod of jikininki control that allows its user to bind these perverse monsters to her will
  • Two new NPC classes: the criminal who makes up the bulk of both urban criminal outfits and rural outlaw bands; and the faithful who serve their gods in inglorious ways, much as adepts fulfill wizardly roles among primitive peoples
  • New creatures such as the flesh-eating jikininki, the four monstrous guardians of the ancient burial mound, a lesser shield guardian construct charged with protecting its wizard master, and an army of miniature terracotta soldiers!
Requires the use of the Dunegons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.

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