Item Code: #GRR1005
Title: Legions of Hell
Type: Accessory
Author: Chris Pramas
Published: 2001
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 64-page book
An Ancient Evil From the Depths of the Pit!

Asmodeus, the King of Hell, has ruled the nine circles of the Pit since the dawn of time. Father of the baatezu race, the Adversary reigns over millions of subjects. Legions of Hell introduces you to his most notorious minions, up close and personal. You'll meet scheming dukes, infernal assassins, and elite shock troops. You'll see firsthand why only the most ruthless devils survive the cutthroat politics of the infernal reaches.

Best of all, you'll get a host of new foes for your d20 System game. Legions of Hell is chock full of devils with CRs from to 20+. With the nasties in this book, you can populate a whole campaign. Your players may be tough, but can they face the best Hell has to offer?

Legions of Hell includes:

Over 40 new devils, with full and accurate game stats for the d20 System.
Three new prestige classes for true servants of the King of Hell.
Stunning illustrations by 3E concept artist Sam Wood, Gamma World illustrator Raven Mimura, and Cthulhu madman Toren Atkinson.
A new template for fallen celestials.
Information on the angelic choirs and the host of fallen angels.
And much, much more!

About the Author: Chris Pramas is no stranger to the Pit or to Dungeons and Dragons. He wrote the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Guide to Hell, and co-authored such adventures as Slavers and The Apocalypse Stone. His breakthrough adventure Death in Freeport helped inaugurate the d20 System and has been nominated for an Origins Award.

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