Item Code: #EDN7000
Title: Liber Bestarius: The Book of Beasts
Type: Accessory
Author: Matthew Colville
Published: 2002
Publisher: Eden Studios
Format: 160-page perfect-bound hardback book
Totally compatible with all d20 System materials, the Liber Bestarius provides a horde of new creatures for any campaign. From the massive to the minute, from the motivated to the mindless, these monsters stalk your setting with terrifying relentlessness!

The Book of Beasts features
  • A full range of creatures from demons and golems to small furry mammals and new PC races!
  • New feats, spells and special abilities!
Each creature entry contains
  • A complete description of each monster fit, for use in any setting.
  • Adventure hooks providing advice on inserting the monster into you campaign.
  • PC suitability entries offering suggestions for adding the beast as a member of the party!
  • A comprehensive listing of d20 System stats
  • Combat strategies and inclinations, including many new special abilities

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