Item Code: #PCI1001
Title: The Spear of the Lohgin
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 players, levels 4-6
Author: Jarad Fennel
Published: 2001
Publisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.
Format: 32-page book
"Look here. These strangers. So strong, they are. So courageous. But despite what you think, they'll end up just like the rest of us eventually. Sooner than us, more than likely. They'll end corpses. You can trust me on that."

-Erot of Canceri

Everything dies, but not even death is eternal.
The players are enlisted to investigate a strange plague that recently decimated the peaceful hamlet of Ashvan. What they find is a strange conspiracy revolving around the theft of a divine relic entrusted to a fallen order of knights. Now, the only thing that stands between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead is you...
The Spear of the Lohgin is the first part of the Canceri Chronicles, a series of adventures that focus on the wicked nation of Canceri, a place of macabre horror and deadly intrigue. The first installment in the trilogy relates the tale of an ancient tragedy that returns to haunt the noble country of Milandir and reveals the initial threads of a plot to plunge the civilized nations of the world into an eternity of darkness.

This module features:
An original adventure that is 100% Compatible with the 3rd Edition Player's Handbook
A complete scenario that can be customized to fit the individual Gamemaster's preferences and run over the course of several evenings.
An original campaign setting than can be adapted to fit into an existing campaign world or be used as a setting for your own adventures.
New monsters, new magic items, and new Non-Player Characters that can be used in any game.

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