Item Code: #MGP1120
Title: Lone Wolf: The Roleplaying Game
Type: Accessory
Author: August Hahn
Published: 2004
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 304-page perfect-bound hardback book, fold-out map
This book is the definitive guide to the world of Magnamund and the many roleplaying possibilities it provides. here you will find the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star before their order went into seclusion. You can ride with the Sommerlund Knights of the Realm five decades before their fateful charge against the Darklord Zagarna decimated their numbers. You can walk the forests of the Wild-Lands with Telchos Amazons, alert for any danger that might leap out of the toua trees. If you can imagine an adventure, it awaits you somewhere on the face (or in the dark caverns) of Magnamund.

Discover how to create Kai Lords of your own, wield their immense supernatural disciplines in battle and take up arms against the seemingly endless hordes of darkness that plague the land. You will find the many spells of the Crystal Star lexicons, the magic of the Dessi and the wild spiritualism of the Telchoi and see for yourself how very different they are. The wisdom of many races both old and new will be at your command, making the stories you wish to tell in your campaigns more compelling and detailed. From psychic combat to the searing force of elementalism, you will have all the power you need to do battle against the night and defend whichever kingdom you proudly call home.

Lone Wolf, The Roleplaying Game is an entire sourcebook and roleplaying game encompassed within a single tome. Every rule and roleplaying suggestion is included in the spirit of the original Lone Wolf series, updated to OGL rules and expanded to incorporate both North and South Magnamund.

Over 100 pages are dedicated to the Gazetteer and Bestiary sections, with detailed descriptions of the many realms, races and monsters that make up Magnamund. Notes on cultures, encounters and the inevitable dangers of the land will be at your fingertips. Want to travel into the Jungle of Horrors? This guide will let you know what plants are edible and which ones might try to eat you instead and discover why you should stock up on your laumspur potions before taking a trip to Ruel. Statistics for dozens of terrible beasts and vile henchmen are given, to throw at those foolish enough to oppose the rise of the Darklords. From skulking Giaks to the raging might of the Mawtaw, these foes will pose quite a challenge for anyone determined to play hero in a world destined to fall before the might of Helgedad and its shadowy forces.

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