Item Code: #WW8382 (M3)
Title: Maze of Zayene: Tower Chaos
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 players, levels 9-12
Author: Robert J. Kuntz
Published: 2002
Publisher: Necromancer Games
Format: 56-page book
A Daring Plot...

The Kingdom's loyal subjects say that the death of King Ovar's queen drove him to madness, causing him to persecute the good citizens and order the mass executions. Whatever the reasons, the people can no longer ignore the fact the King Ovar is a beast incarnate! And as with all mad beasts, he deserves nothing less than death! Four stalwart adventurers are charged with assassinating King Ovar. They must penetrate Tower Chaos and at the right moment strike King Ovar dead!

A Tower of Secrets

Tower Chaos, is the third part in the four-part Maze of Zayene series. It details a King's tower wherein the adventurers must tread to accomplish their daring deed. But along the way they will find just how difficult their mission is, and an unforseen mystery unfolds! Complete with new monsters and magic, multiple scenarios, an innovative system for encountering the many occupants of the tower and a plot twist which will keep adventurers on the edge of their seats.

A fantasy adventure for 4 to 6 players of the 9th to 12th level.

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