Item Code: #PCI1111
Title: Magic of Arcanis
Type: Accessory
Published: 2005
Publisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.
Format: 224-page perfect-bound hardback book
Wield the Power of Creation

Any man can learn to fight, but only the gifted can harness the raw potential of creation. Those gifted with eldritch power bear the mark of something more. Whether taught the divine rituals of the Gods or working ancient arcane sorceries learned over millennia, the power of creation is in your grasp!

This book is a comprehensive guide to making spellcasting adventurers native to Arcanis. Every facet of the eldritch arts is explored, from classes, feats, spells, and the organizations that teach and protect mages or guide the divinely called in service to their God to the materials needed to forge mighty items of power. Such power is needed, as the enemies of the Gods and the dreaded Harvesters of Ymandragore lay in wait for the unwary.

This collection of lore is enough to forge an endless variety of eldritch heroes:

  • Six base classes, including the Altherian Artificer, master craftsman of strange and mysterious mechanical items.
  • More than one hundred twenty feats
  • More than Forty Prestige Classes, such as the Lord of the Temple and the Psionic Inquisitor
  • Scores of magic items and magic item abilities
  • New armor, weapons, and equipment, including new alchemical substances and special materials
  • Dozens of spells, such as flaying darkness and wave of rebirth
  • Detailed information on the measures of the Sanctorum of the Arcane use to protect mages from the foul Harvesters of Ymandragore
  • Detailed information on how Harvesters of Ymandragore overcome such measures

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