Item Code: #XRP1003
Title: A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture
Type: Accessory
Author: Suzi Yee and Joseph Browning
Published: 2004
Publisher: Expeditious Retreat Press
Format: 160-page perfect-bound book
He killed the God of War.
He ascended into his divinity.
No one told him that was the easy part.

Between these covers rests the treatise of Kierian the Bold, prospective God of War and Bringer of Justice. Upon reaching his divinity, he encountered contest he could not resolve with his sword. Peer into the inner workings of the multiverse, the body magic, and how gods build their worlds. From a divine perch, unravel the grit of tectonics, the capricious wiles of weather, the lay of magical geography, the cycles of predation, the span of ecological diversity, and the complexities of cultural development. Told from the prospective of creating and mapping a new world, discover the knowledge lose and buried in the age of gods and heroes. Until now...

Following in the footsteps of A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (Gen Con ENnies 2003 Best Setting Supplement), A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture provides real world phenomena for a fantasy game.

Build Your World. Better.

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