Item Code: #MKY1120
Title: The Maze of Screaming Silence
Type: Adventure
For: Levels 3-4
Author: James Thomson
Published: 2003
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
Journey to the City of the Damned!

High up in the mountains called the Wall of the World, where the air grows scarce and the dome of the sky draws close, one may find the cruel and mysterious Empire of Yagga Kong. The Yagga Kong rule a vast domain of gorges, crags, deep hidden valleys and desolate plateaus. It is said that they worship death and keep the bodies of their ancestors in their homes with them. They know many horrible secrets, use fantastical machines and fiendishly potent sorceries. No one really knows why they are so cruel. Perhaps the thin air and cold has driven them mad or perhaps it is the crazed Worm-Gods they revere - their realm is full of mysteries.

The "City of the Damned" (it has no real name) sprawls at the feet of the Yagga-Kong's most remote outpost, the so-called Last Redoubt. The City has no real economy. It produces nothing, creates nothing. It only exists to cater to the garrison of the Last Redoubt and to the adventurers who come to try their luck in the Maze of Screaming Silence.

For hundreds of years the Yagga Kong have offered a handsome reward to anyone who can enter the Labyrinth and emerge again alive. The longer they remain inside, the greater the reward. Every generation or so, someone lives to claim it. The Yagga Kong's motives for doing this are unclear - apart from cruel whimsy, which may be sufficient. it has been suggested that the Thing in the Labyrinth might get hungry if they didn't supply it with victims, and that the contest is the cheapest way of providing it with the sustenance and entertainment it craves.

Can you brave the Maze of Screaming Silence? Then come walk the crooked streets of the City of the Damned.

Warning: This book contains graphic depictions of truly unpleasant things. Discretion is advised for younger and less disturbed readers. Maze of Screaming Silence is a D20 Adventure and City Sourcebook designed for 3rd to 4th Level Characters.

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