Item Code: #MN01
Title: Midnight
Type: Accessory
Author: Jeffrey Barber and Wil Upchurch
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Format: 256-page perfect-bound hardback book
A hundred years have passed since the shadow fell.

As the Third Age came to an end, the fallen god Izrador triumphed over the free nations of Aryth. The corrupt lieutenants of the Shadow in the North, the Night Kings, rule with an iron fist over ruined cities and broken kingdoms. Twisted, incorporeal spirits hunt down the last true masters of magic, and the fallen god's dark and secretive priesthood, the legates of the Order of Shadow, seek out elven spies, dwarven insurgents, and the few brave heroes who stand defiant against the night.

MIDNIGHT is an exciting new campaign setting designed for the d20 System. Enter a world where evil rules and darkness has fallen against the land. Fight for hope and justice in a realm where desperation and despair hang like a death shroud over shattered empires. Explore an ancient world where the gods are silent and magic ebbs like the tide retreating from a dark shore. Embark on an epic journey in a land where heroes are comdemned and the elder races are hunted to the brink of extinction. Welcome to MIDNIGHT.

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