Item Code: #WW8378 (G7)
Title: Morrick Mansion
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 characters, levels 3-5
Author: Patrick Lawinger
Published: 2003
Publisher: Necromancer Games
Format: 56-page book
A Deadly Curse is Spreading!

Morrick Mansion and the surrounding vineyards were deserted years ago when a terrible curse twisted every living thing on the property into a mockery of its prior form. Fear now grips the land. The curse spreads and someone needs to stop it. Can you find its source and cure it forever, or will the very curse you are investigating touch you with madness?

Hatred, Death, and Danger!

Morrick Mansion is a town and dungeon adventure designed for 4 to 6 characters of 3rd to 5th-level. Morrick Mansion challenges adventurers to battle strange, mutant creatures in an effort to solve a mystery and stop an insidious curse. Do your players dare enter the mysterious mansion and can they survive long enough to discover its source?

Fantasy - Swords and Sorcery
Adventure (Wilderness, Town, Dungeon)
Core D20 System

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