Item Code: #COL5071
Title: Nasty, Brutish and Short: The Orcs of Hârn
Type: Accessory
Author: Edwin King
Published: 2001
Publisher: Columbia Games
Format: 52-page book, 8-page book
The Orcs of Hârn

The Gargun (also called orcs and Foulspawn) reside in the high mountainous areas of Hârn, where they squabble, maim, kill, and cannibalize each other, or any other species they encounter. This book provides details on Gargun culture, maps of four orc colonies, and six related adventure scenarios.

A natural cave complex situated high in rugged mountains. After centuries of relative peace, the Gargun of Bwaft find themselves involved in a vicious war with the nearby Gargun of Huxuth. "A Walk Among Tombstones" involves the players in this war, while "Dead of Night" provides them the chance to enrich themselves at the expense of Bwaft's inhabitants.

A cave complex with an Araki (small orc) population ruled by a Khanu (great orc) elite. These Khanu are highly organized and dangerous, as anyone involved in the. "Dance at the Slaughterhouse" scenario will soon discover.

A rich silver mine seized by Gargun six centuries ago, and still held by them despite dozens of attempts at recapture by the dwarves of Azadmere. The orcs of Fana traditionally skirmish with nearby orc colonies, and are always a menace to travelers. "The Last Worst Hope" deals with another dwarven attempt to retake Fana.

The oldest and largest Gargun colony on Hârn. The orcs of Korego have a long history of conflict with both the local human tribesmen and merchant caravans. "We Deal in Steel" is a mystery involving arms-running. "To Live and Die in Korego" gives the players a rescue mission in which some things are not what they appear.

A medieval environment designed specifically for fantasy gaming and suitable for ANY rule system.

Run your epic quests within a believable, stable, and rational world that could exist. Why stumble through disjointed chaos?

Quality, detail, and consistency are our hallmarks. Nothing is better.

Hârn is a medieval world designed for fantasy gaming. The setting is a large island culturally like 12th Century Britain, the Age of Chivalry, Richard the Lionheart, and Robin Hood. Hârn is magic-rare, not magic-weak; powerful mages have a hand in many "natural" events. Despite small pockets of civilization, Hârn is a wild land that conceals strange ruins, wild barbarian tribes, and terrifying beasts.

d20 LEVEL OF PLAY (5th - 15th)
All d20 character classes can exist on Hârn. This modules contains six (6) adventures for a party of d20 characters from 5th to 15th Level.

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