Item Code: #MYG0006
Title: Nightmares & Dreams II
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mystic Eye Games
Format: 72-page perfect-bound book
Welcome to Nightmares & Dreams II!

The second in our award-nominated creature collection.
Delve deeper into the dread world of out nightmares.
See more of the terrible creatures that can be formed
from the mist of the sleeping mind.
Terror and carnage await you in these pages.
It is in the deep, dark pits of out nightmares that
the very worst of things can come alive.

Nightmares and Dreams II is a d20 system book for The Hunt: Rise of Evil campaign setting
that presents a menagerie of creatures that demonstrate the power that our dreams and nightmares
might have on other realms.
Although the material presented here relates to The Hunt: Rise of Evil,
it can easily be adapted to any d20 campaign.

Each entry has an original vignette that helps to explain the origin of the creature,
and also serves to set the mood
for adventures based around these monsters.
You will also find additions to these entries in the form of
adventure hooks, strange items, spells, and more.

Requires the use of Dungeons & Dragons Player's
, Third Edition, published by
Wizards of the Coast

Warning: This product contains supernatural themes
and grpahic content.
Reader discretion is advised.

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