Item Code: #APL922
Title: Noble Knights: A d20 Guide to Knightly Orders
Type: Accessory
Author: Ree Soesbee
Published: 2003
Publisher: Avalanche Press, LTD
Format: 80-page perfect-bound book, cardstock bookmark
Honor and Chivalry!

Knights are larger-than-life figures of romance and steel that spark the imagination and encourage dreams. Now you can bring them to life for your d20 System campaign. NOBLE KNIGHTS features information on famous knightly orders. From the Teutonic Knights to the Knights Templar to the Knights of the Garter, history's most famous orders come alive with facts, legends, and tips for adding them to your own campaign. Rules for creating your own knightly orders are also included, and over 30 new knightly Magic Items round out this essential guide to chivalric adventure.

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