Item Code: #FAF2017
Title: Occult Items of Power
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 128-page perfect-bound hardback book
We must destroy that infernal relic!

Within the darkest keeps and the deepest dungeons gather sinister cults whose only purpose is to spread pain, chaos and destruction throughout the planes. Aiding them in their foul endeavors are powerful artifacts given to them by evil gods and mighty demon lords. They, and their relics, must be destroyed at all cost, lest all be forfeit. But, just as these cults possess devilish relics to assist them in carrying out their unholy pursuits, so too do the forces of good have their own items of power.

A trove of dark items at your fingertips!

Occult Items of Power gives you 52 new and unique magical items to add to your fantasy campaigns. Whether you are looking for a powerful enemy to defeat or for an artifact to quest for, this book provides everything you need for a memorable adventure but your imagination! Within these pages are the background details on each of these incredibly powerful relics, including who possesses it now and who is already after it, all presented in a storyteller format that make it ideal for easy inclusion in any campaign. Are you prepared to write the next chapter in the tales of these artifact?

Occult Items of Power includes:

  • 52 occult items, from crystal balls to torture implements, cups to candle sticks. All of these are fully compatible with the d20 System, ready to drop into any fantasy campaign.
  • Every occult item is presented in both a story and in d20 statistics. The story portion of each entry recounts the item's history and the source of its power. The statistics section delivers each item's game stats plus those of all the characters, monsters or obstacles interwoven into its story.
  • Additionally, new Prestige Classes are included for some of the most powerful and vile objects, giving both game masters and players alike new classes of characters to interact with.
  • Wonderful illustrations of every single item. Each rendering is completely accurate and true to the magical items and their finely-crafted replicas.
Occult Items of Power is a d20 System product detailing a variety of items with dark magical powers. Marvelous stories and background information make each of these items far more than simple treasure, but the basis for entire adventures or campaigns. More than that, the villains and creatures who own these items, along with the heroes questing to destroy the worst of the items in this book can be purchased online at!

About the Authors:
Fast Forward Entertainment assembled an incredibly talented group of authors, including winners of the prestigious Origins Award, to bring you Occult Items of Power. Together, Jonathan Cassie, B.D. Flory, Eric Haddock, Tim Kidwell, Kevin Melka, Stephen Sullivan and James M. Ward have crafted a book that will bring Dungeon Masters and Players alike hundreds of hours of enjoyment, and will give Player Characters the toys they want and need!

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