Item Code: #AEG8337
Title: The Ogre City of Drahk'Suhl
Type: Adventure
For: Any level
Author: Travis Heermann
Published: 2002
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
In my experience, ogres are stupid, lazy creatures possessing little more than a rudimentary intelligence. They are nothing more than brutal killers, scavengers, and raiders, with a dim-witted hatred of anything resembling civilization. However, I once overheard two of them speaking among themselves of a legendary city, a place where ogres and their kin could meet and trade without fear of harassment from the more "civilized" races. They named this place Drahk'Suhl - a city hidden beneath the ancient shoulders of a dormant volcano, at a gateway to the Lower Earth. At that moment I vowed that I would find the legendary Drahk'Suhl, or die trying.

I found Drahk'Suhl infamous among giant races, a place where traders swap weapons and booty, where food and drink are plenty, where underlings do one's every bidding, and where gladiator pits slake the most bloodthirsty apetite.

One might say the oppurtunity for adventure in such a place is great. But this is true only for those with a brave heart, a keen wit, and cunning wiles... a person such as myself.

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