Item Code: #MGP1112
Title: Power Classes XII: Fool
Type: Accessory
Author: August Hahn
Published: 2003
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 16-page book
Fools share many traits with bards but their aims are often entirely at odds. Bards are the centre of attention, with their performances inspiring courage and admiration for the performer and his audiences. In contrast, the skilled display of fools may entertain but the fool is never the point of the performance. Instead, the subject of a fool's efforts is rarely as grateful as all his faults are laid bare for the world to see. Kind-hearted fools do this to teach, in the hope of their artistic victims learning from the display. There are also bitter fools, lost in the cynicism, whose aims are to humiliate and bring down those above them. An evil fool can be a viscious, cutting performer, making his audiences laugh even while he sows derision and hatred in their hearts.

This is the twelth book of the Power Classes series from Mongoose publishing. Designed to be seamlessly slotted into any fantasy-based d20 system game, each of these mini-supplements introduces an entirely new core character class, adding a whole new dimension to campaigns. Players will find full details on how to use the new character class, greatly increasing the wealth of options they are presented with by the core rulebooks while Games Masters may revel in the wide variety of new classes they have at their disposal for non-player characters in their campaigns. Each Power Class booklet can provide hours of gaming enjoyment at an all-new low cost.


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