Item Code: #AEG8317
Title: Princes, Thieves & Goblins
Type: Adventure
For: 3-5 characters, levels 4-6
Author: Marcelo & Kat Figueroa
Published: 2001
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 16-page book
Your search for adventure has lead you to the sleepy town of Crow's Watch, at the south end of Druna Pass, in the shadow of the Silverbray Mountains, in the kingdom of Antharp, in the 7th year of the reign of King Kessel V.
In the few days you have spent here, you have found the people of Antharp were once prosperous and proud of their king, but recent events have brought the spirits of these once vibrant people down. It all began when Herzl, court wizard and trusted advisor to King Kessel V, and his father before him, left the king's court for unknown reasons two years ago. Then from the last spring planting to the autumn harvest, raids by renegade bands of goblins plundered the border communities of Antharp. Only the onset of winter stopped the goblins from further destruction, and all efforts to track and run the goblins to ground have ended in failure.
But instead of the promise of rebirth and renewal that Spring thaw brings, this new year has brought only more bad news... the infant heir of King Kessel V, and only child, has disappeared from within the castle.
The people of Antharp are slowly becoming discontented with a King that cannot even protect his own family.
As you sit around the hearth of the Oak Leaf tavern, five men wearing tabards bearing the crest of King Kessel enter the room, all but one carrying weapons and hiding armore under their royal garments. The unarmed man steps to the barkeep, and engages in a short, but private conversation. You also note the unarmed man passing the barkeep a coin purse...

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