Item Code: #WW16005
Title: Queen of Lies
Type: Adventure
For: 11th level characters
Author: Monte Cook
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fiery Dragon Productions
Format: 48-page book
Deep below the surface, in the sunless lands of Netherdeep, creatures of darkness build weapons and armies and dream about invasion. An attack on a temple sends the heroes on a quest to retrieve stolen artifacts and kidnapped friends. All signs point to the actions of the dark elves of Ul-Drakken. But, even within the ancient fortress, there exists a deeper darkness....
Underground enemies lurk beyond every twisted passage, and strange creatures abound. The foul culture of the dark elves is both decadent and cruel, and the heroes may discover they've stumbled into a web of deceit and treachery that threatens the lives of all who oppose the dark elf Queen. Can the heroes complete their mission without being discovered, or have their very actions been orchestrated by the evil Queen of Lies?

An epic fantasy adventure for 11th-level characters.

Queen of Lies
is an action-packed fantasy adventure written by DMG author Monte Cook. A challenging scenario designed for 11th-level characters, Queen of Lies is filled with well-developed dark elf personalities and showcases their alien culture, full of merciless betrayal and dark lust.
Featuring new monsters and magic items that dwell within the unique environment, Queen of Lies will test the mettle of the hardiest of heroes.

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