Item Code: #MGP4019
Title: The Quintessential Ranger
Type: Accessory
Author: Ian Sturrock
Published: 2003
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
The brave outlaw, clad in forest-green leathers, carrying on a guerilla rebellion against an unjust King the only way he knows how, robbing tax collectors and giving the proceeds away to downtrodden peasants. The dedicated tracker and hunter, able to follow the faintest trail with ease, and bring down the most fearsome game. The fierce raider, riding down from the hills to carry off what plunder he can, fading into the night once again. The trail-hardened explorer, wandering far from civilisation, filling in areas of maps which previously said simply, 'Here Be Dragons.' All these are examples of the ranger, once of the most versatile classes within the game. The Quintessential Ranger is a sourcebook that will greatly expand this class, turning the ranger from a simple forester and tracker to a fully fleshed out character with as much interest and innovation as the most wily wizard, mighty-thewed fighter, cunning rogue, or avenging cleric.

Inside You Will Find:
Character Concepts The Lay of the Land
The Prestige Ranger Fellow Travellers
Tricks of the Trade Ranger Combat Styles
Ranger Feats Ranger Spells
Tools of the Trade Every Forest a Fortress


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