Item Code: (R1W)
Title: Rappan Athuk: The Wilderness Areas
Type: Adventure
Author: Bill Webb and Clark Peterson
Published: 2001
Publisher: Necromancer Games
Format: 19-page PDF file
Rappan Athuk is a dungeon of legend. As with any major entrance to the underworld, the wilderness around Rappan Athuk is a dangerous place - popular with bandits, marauding monster bands and worse. Rappan Athuk: The Wilderness Areas is a supplement to Module R1: Rappan Athuk - The Upper Levels. It details the wilderness around the most famous dungeon in all the lands and allows you to set the dungeon in the location it was intended. Included in this supplement are a wilderness map and wandering monster tables for all terrain types as well as detailed bandit groups and monster lairs.

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