Item Code: #MKY1108
Title: The Scourge of Raftport
Type: Adventure
For: 8th-9th level characters
Author: C.A. Johnson
Published: 2001
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 36-page book
Dark Days Return

Raftport: A quiet river town set on a thriving trade route. This trading community has known nothing but peace for centuries.

Until now.

Now the people of Raftport are disappearing. Now the rafts that support its trade aren't returning as they should. Now strange lights and macabre noises echo from the nearby forests and mountains.

The people of Raftport now live in fear. They hide behind locked doors by night, and go about armed by day. Can your band of adventurers lift the terrible fear that now rules this town? Can you defeat...

The Scourge of Raftport.

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