Item Code: #GRR1015
Title: The Book of the Righteous
Type: Accessory
Author: Aaron Loeb
Published: 2002
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 320-page perfect-bound hardback book
"Speak in my voice, you gods, you lords of Heaven, for it is your tale I tell!"

"Some men journey to the ends of the world in the name of Honor. Some men stand alone against a marauding army with nothing but a sword and a prayer in the name of King and Country. All I have done, and all I will ever do, is in the name of Truth. Know this, my reader: What you read is true."

So speaks the Great Sage Matalou, as he welcomes you to the world of The Book of the Righteous. The Great Tree Eliwyn reaches to Heaven where the gods watch the toilings of the mortal races, and grant their powers to those that honor them sufficiently.

The Book of the Righteous is the most comprehensive religious tome the d20 System has ever seen. While other books waste pages on god stats you'll never use, The Book of the Righteous gives you a dynamic, lifelike religion that add depth to any campaign. Like Green Ronin's Freeport series, The Book of the Righteous can be used in any fantasy world. Between these covers you'll find 320 pages, jam packed with information.

  • 23 pick-up-and-play churches, lavishly detailed. Each church includes in-depth information on holy orders, dogma, and prayers.
  • 6 evil or heretical cults, and tie-ins to Green Ronin's popular Legions of Hell and Armies of the Abyss.
  • A complete mythology and cosmology.
  • A new core class, the holy warrior, and 15 holy warrior orders.
  • 27 clerical orders.
  • 16 religious prestige classes.
  • A plethora of new feats, creatures, spells, and domains.
  • Art fit for the gods from Mike Vilardi, Jame Ryman, Chris Keefe, Stephaine Pui-Min Law, Britt Martin, Ken Capelli, Mike May, Drew Baker, Jennifer Meyer, Steve Lawton and Todd Gamble.
Third in Green Ronin's critically acclaimed Arcana series, The Book of the Righteous is a divine sourcebook like no other!

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