Item Code: #FAF2005
Title: Rings of Power
Type: Accessory
Published: 2001
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 160-page perfect-bound hardback book
I must have that precious ring!

Life is good. Your character managed to explore all the local ruins, clear out some monsters, and secure some sizeable treasures. You consider tracking down some rumors about a powerful fighter's ring, but before you can follow up on them, the meadows and glens around town begin to mysteriously transform into swamps and dark forests. Terrible creatures make lairs around the town and frighten its people. Finally, a worthy quest to test your mettle! You set out to locate the evil that has caused this and save the day. But, from the other side of the screen, your referee thinks to himself, "All he has to do is get by ogre guards, hill giants, and a covey of green hags, and find a magical ring he doesn't even know exists. This should prove entertaining."

Can one ring change a world?

This 160-page core rulebook is filled with the kind of epic magical rings that whole campaigns are drawn around. Amaze your characters by giving them the Odin Ring of Riches, but just for 365 days. Give them the challenge of seeking the Death God's Circlet; all they have to do is give up their souls for awhile to get to the planet of death. Let your powerful characters challenge Drawmij himself for his wizard ring. Will he give it up without a fight? Not bloody likely!

Ring of power includes:

78 enchanted rings, circlets, and bands, all fully detailed using the d20 System, with brilliant background information to drop them into any fantasy campaign.

Each ring is presented in two sections. The first section is an imaginative story packed with details to give the referee the ring's turbulent history and present situation. The second section provides complete d20 System details on the ring and any guardians or wards protecting its present location.

Precise game information details how a magical ring is forged, including repair, difficulty, and elements necessary for creation.

Vist to get even more adventure, including free listings on five powerful rings found nowhere else.

Rings of Power is a d20 System product detailing enchanted rings of amazing magical power. Far more than just a listing of rings, this book details in storyteller form the people, monsters, places, and conditions where the rings are used or hidden. What's more, for every entry in this book, there exists an actual ring that you can find at your local retailer's store or online at!

About the Authors:

James M. Ward, Timothy Brown, and Lester Smith are the core of Fast Forward's masterful and award-winning design team. Together they put their pens to the creation of magical rings that are more than random treasure, more than just stats on paper. With additional design from Tim Beach, Jonathan Cassie, Jarad Fennel, David Lyons, Michelle Lyons, and Steve Sullivan, Rings of Power presents never-before-seen magical rings with intricate, compelling histories suitable for any fantasy campaign world.

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