Item Code: #AWR001 (S1)
Title: The Goblin Fair
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 characters, levels 4-6
Author: Matthew J. Finch and James Hazeltine
Published: 2002
Publisher: AirWeaver Games
Format: 48-page book
An Enchanted Wood

By the dark of the gibbous moon, the fantastical folk of the fey realms gather for one day at the Goblin Fair: to bargain with merchants of the unique, the rare, and the bizarre; to duel with centuries-old enemies by starlight; to dally with faerie maidens by moonlight; to trade and quarrel, feud, parlay, revel and frivol. Ogres and dryads, hags and giants, elves and goblins, centaurs and hedge fey, they gather under the darkling green boughs of the Oldainahan Forest.

A Wizard Imprisoned

The wizard Brandon Mistcloak has been trapped by his enemies in his manse Sparrowspell. The key to his rescue is the enchanted book, Taig Tell. He offers mysterious and wonderful rewards for the return of the Book. Will the party enter the Oldainhan on the trail of an enchanted book to win the wizard's reward? A trail that leads to...

The Goblin Fair

A d20 adventure designed for 4-6 characters of 4th-6th level.

Requires the use of the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition published by Wizards of the Coast

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