Item Code: #AUG1003
Title: Sanctuary
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 characters, levels 4-5
Author: Keith Done
Published: 2003
Publisher: Auran Games
Format: 110-page perfect-bound book, CD-ROM w/sleeve
Sanctuary... a place of refuge providing safety from those who would bring you harm. Sometimes those who seek sanctuary are not those who you would expet to do so.
Even the blackest heart needs someplace that they can call home.

The rural backwater of Cherrimoor is a place far from the political intrigue of the towns and cities but it has its own secrets, it's own stories. A Gothic adventure unfolds, involving a search for a fallen paladin, a family curse and the tenant of Tharlin Keep.

Sanctuary is a role-playing game for 4-6 characters of levels 4-5. It includes a detailed local setting, maps and core plotline that can be used with most d20 fantasy games and comes with a bonus CD containing Music Tracks, key scenes, and building rendered in 3D.

BONUS Music and Multi-media CD containing

* Music tracks and Ambient Sounds
Playable from any CD Player

Track 1: The Journey
Track 2: Cherrimore
Track 3: Tharlen Keep
Track 4: Brand's Spirit
Track 6: Guilfan's Eulogy
Track 6: The Firepool Caves
Track 7: To Battle
Track 8: The Gaze of Maedranna

* Fully rendered 3D scenes
QuickTime VR
PC and Macintosh compatible

* The complete adventure in searchable Pdf format and more...

CD requirements:

Music Tracks:

Any CD player
All compositions written, arranged and produced by Chris Elves.
Recorded at Auran Sound Studios, Brisbane Australia.
Copyright 2002 Supersonic Audio Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

3D Scenes
Web Brouser
QuickTime 5
PC and Mac compatible

For Document Viewing
A PDF viewer for your computer
CD-ROM drive and any required drivers to read a PC format CD-ROM

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