Item Code: #EDN7003
Title: Secrets of the Ancients
Type: Accessory
Author: C.J. Carella
Published: 2003
Publisher: Eden Studios, Inc.
Format: 48-page book
You have head the rumors. Untold millennia ago, they ruled the land - their power and wisdom were legendary. Now their cities are gone, their might buried in forgotten ruins and hidden vaults. The Logheir built crystal towers that reached towards the skies, proclaiming their challenge to the gods themselves. The Tlacamoc served their Blood Gods, feeding them thousand of victims every year. The bards say their ancient kingdoms are no more... but now you wonder.

You hear new stories. Long-dead things stir in a half-curied pyramid. A mighty sword is discovered, attracting both treasure hunters and undead abominations. A chance encounter on a solitary road leads to the sick and decadent court of the last Logheir monarch. A friendly halfling village harbors soul-twisting horrors beneath its pleasant face. You vow to discover the secrets of the ancients, and survive to tell the tale...

Secrets of the Ancients presents a series of vignettes that can be used individually or together to enrich any fantasy campaign using the d20 game system. In it, you will find:

  • an overview of the Logheir and the Tlacamoc, two lost races, mighty and dangerous
  • a collector of lost artifacts: wealthy patron or deadly foe?
  • the silversteel blade - a powerful and dangerous Logheir artifact, sought by a nightmarish unliving being
  • the Hall of the Sun King, a twisted Logheir celebration with unexpected guests
  • a blood-thirsty outlaw band, a nearby buried Tlacamoc temple, and the unstoppable dweller within
  • the return of the Blood Gods - a peaceful village by day, the last bastion of Tlacamoc power by night.
  • new creatures, new items, and a new Prestige class, the Seeker

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