Item Code: #MGP0026
Title: The Slayer's Guide to Elementals: Primal Fury
Type: Accessory
Author: Ian Sturrock
Published: 2004
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book
Elementals are among the most primal forces in the mythology of many cultures, raw elements given life. This in turn has gifted them a firm place in many a campaign world. Some authorities believe all matter to be made from the four elements, with even humans and other sentient creatures being possessed of an elemental nature.

Fighting an elemental is like fighting a whirlwind, a raging inferno, a mountain or the sea itself. You can try and, if you are powerful enough, possibly even succeed, but there is a certain implacable quality to the elements. All can seem unstoppable forces and the earth elemental might also be regarded as an immovable object. Anyone who battles with such powers must fear being overcome, unless they can employ similarly strong forces themselves.

The Slayer's Guide to Elementals compiles knowledge drawn from scholarly works alongside tactics and survival tips offered by adventurers who have fought with elementals and lived to tell the tale. Games Masters will learn many intricate details about elemental life and culture, enabling them to make truly memorable encounters with these creatures for their players, while players themselves may learn a thing or two that might just save the lives of their characters.

Continuing this series of supplements, The Slayer's Guide to Elementals is designed for use in all fantasy-based d20 game and takes an exhaustive look at these fascinating creatures, thoroughly detailing their beliefs, society and methods of warfare.


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