Item Code: #MGP0013
Title: The Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers
Type: Accessory
Author: James Desborough
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 32-page book
And another 'booke of humorous intente' makes its way into the unsuspecting world without so much as a by your leave. What you hold in your hands is a terrible insight into the mind of the Female Gamer.

You cannot truly understand the alien motivations and desires of the Female Gamer, your mind is just not mapped out in the same way but this book may contain a few warnings and signs to look out for so you can avoid the dangers.

Be wary reader, that you do not gain too much understanding of the Female Gamer's ways. If you find yourself toying with your prey, giggling girlishly and trying to use your pizza-induced man-cleavage to gain the Games Master's favour then take a step back.

So enjoy the book but keep it hidden.

Inside You Will Find:

The Historical Role of Female Gamers:
Discover how this rare subspecies came into existence.

The Physiology of Female Gamers: Learn about their secrets, habitats, social structures and more. Our highly trained and well-insured investigators have risked life and limb to bring you this information.

Warfare: Their methods of warfare may seem strange to the traditional male gamer but they are no less dangerous than more traditional forms of combat.

Roleplaying with Female Gamers: Advice for every Games Master on how to portray female characters and how to integrate female gamers into your group.

Female Player Race: Revealed for the first time, the true statistics and special abilities of the Female Gamer.

Prestige Classes: New, highly specialised, prestige classes exclusively available to the Female Gamer.

Feminine Magic: From magical items to the dread power word fine, their feminine magic is more than a match for the simple male gamer.


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