Item Code: #MGP0020
Title: The Slayer's Guide to Goblins
Type: Accessory
Author: Shawn Gerard
Published: 2003
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 32-page book
Filth and Malice

For millennia, evil warlords, wizards, dragons and larger goblinoids have enslaved the lowly goblin. Untold thousands are slain every year by these same dark masters, by the armies of the good folk everywhere and by countless brave adventurers. Through seemingly endless adversity, the goblins overcome and continue to thrive.

Throughout history, creatures of all types have underestimated the race's cunning and sheer will to survive. Often they have paid for this misconception with their lives. Deep in the warren of a goblin tribe there is no room for error. This harsh and unforgiving environment shapes the goblin and thwarts the invader.

Full of hatred for all life, driven by their dark god to unspeakable depravity and far more cunning than Game Masters and players have given them credit for, goblins are truly worthy of our respect. They breed faster than most races and, given time, can outlast and overwhelm most enemies. Masters of stealth, traps and ambushes, goblins are rarely spotted until it is too late.

Inside You Will Find:

Goblin Physiology Roleplaying Hints
HabitatScenario Hooks and Ideas
Goblin SocietyThe Torn Heads Warren
Methods of WarfareReference List


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