Item Code: #MGP0010
Title: The Slayer's Guide to Orcs
Type: Accessory
Author: Matt Forbeck
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 32-page book
Footsoldiers of Evil

Orcs are the foot soldiers of evil, the creatures that make up the hordes of darkness that threaten to overwhelm the good peoples and turn the entire land into a region of little else than slaughter and depravity. Most Games Masters use them as the guardians of low-level dungeons, just a slight step above kobolds as a threat. Often they are simply portrayed as evil humans and are given little more thought than that.

Inside You Will Find:

Whilst the life of orcs are often brutal and short there's more to them than meets the eye

Habitat: Where and why orcs can most often be found

Society: From Tribe to warcamp to raiding party, orcish societies are geared towards warfare

Methods of Warfare: There are few things for which orcs are renowned, but fighting is one of them

Roleplaying with Orcs: Breathing life into orcs as a race, including the dread Battle Shaman Prestige class, blessed by their gods for combat.

Scenario Hooks: A selection of ideas on how to use orcs in your campaign

Gruk's Kamp: A detailed orc camp is presented

Orc Reference List: A ready to go list of characters and enemies for players to face, when they stumble across these evil creatures.


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