Item Code: #MGP0011
Title: The Slayer's Guide to Rules Lawyers
Type: Accessory
Author: James Desborough
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 32-page book
A Fiend in Human Form

Rules-Lawyers are an unexpectedly hardy breed of disgusting humanoid (at least in physique) creature. To all outward appearances they are a normal human being, like you or me, and it is only by their strange behaviour and very close (often post-mortem) physical examination that they are reavealed to be anything other than Homo Sapiens. Scholars are in agreement that Rules-Lawyers have been around at least as long as games of any kind have existed.

Some go as far as to say they have existed as long as rules themselves have existed in this universe. They are said to have lived among us, alongside man and his more primitive and slope headed ancestors since time itself began, waiting for them to lose interest in football and develop the wheel.

Inside You Will Find:

It is a dirty job but someone has to do it. Our team of experts have dissected a Rules Lawyer and made some disturbing discoveries. Includes the acclaimed Wandering Poontang Table.

Habitat: There are few lairs more recognisable than that of the Rules Lawyer. Find out just where they are likely to be found, and how to avoid them.

Rules Lawyer Society: It is hard to believe, but Rules Lawyers actually congregate together. Such an unholy meeting can only have the direst of consequences for normal gamers like you or I.

Methods of Warfare: Be prepared. Here we give you a full arsenal with which to combat the dreaded Rules Lawyer.

Role-Playing with Rules Lawyers: It can happen to the best of us. A Rules Lawyer makes his way into the gaming group and refuses to leave. Here we have a look at how to co-exist with this feckless creature.

And introducing the Rules Lawyer character class, together with unique spells and feats!


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