Item Code: #AUG1002
Title: Dark Awakenings: Shadowland
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 characters, levels 3-4
Author: Keith Done
Published: 2002
Publisher: Auran Games
Format: 56-page perfect-bound book w/CD-ROM
We had come to the end of our long trek through this vile and desolate place and the tower stood before us like some looming giant. I turned and looked at the long road by which we had traveled; a grey thread winding through the ashen ruin and splintered rocks.

Giliath coughed, spitting out the foul taste of the air. I reached down to pass him a water-skin and it was then that I noticed Alvyd was missing. Before I could say a word, the stillness of the air was broken by a shrill scream from the direction of the tower. The fool had gone ahed without us and I dreaded to learn what fate had befallen him...

From the Journals of Naedath,
Mage of the City of Quorull.

Dark Awakenings: Shadowland is the conclusion to Dark Awakenings: Guardian
A d20 adventure for 4-6 characters of Levels 3-4

BONUS CD-Rom containing;

  • Ambient sound and music
  • Fully rendered 3D scenes
  • Printable full-color maps
  • Comprehensive background information
  • The complete adventure module in searchable Pdf format

For Document Viewing
A PDF viewer for your computer.
CD-ROM drive and any required drivers to read a PC format CD-ROM

Shadowland minimum spec:
Pentium II 266mhz
64mb RAM
Windows 9x or above
NVidia TNT or equivalent with full Open GL and Direct X 8 support
300mb of free space on HDD

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