Item Code: #AG3400
Title: Burning Shaolin
Type: Adventure
For: 7th-9th level characters
Author: Robin D. Laws
Published: 2001
Publisher: Atlas Games
Format: 32-page book

Now is the time when corrupt eunuch officials undermine a once-great ruling Dynasty; when martial artists, white-bearded old masters, and supernatural creatures struggle for control of powerful chi forces; when a band of honorable warriors is called upon to battle a demon sorcerer in a legendary mountain monastery...

...This is one demon in dire need of some Kung Fu butt kicking!

Burning Shaolin is a dual-system D20/Feng Shui adventure. It includes:

Complete rules for playing the scenario with either an existing 7th- to 9th-level D20 group, or beginning Feng Shui characters.

New D20 rules for fast-paced action movie-style combat: "Faceless Horde" rules provide large groups of opponents for the heroes to bowl quickly through, in large part to show off how buff the PCs are; the wuxia combat rules let D20 characters defy gravity and perform the stunts Feng Shui is known for.

New D20 goodies: Mushroom Men that explode when mistreated, Demon Monks, poisonous Demon Ichor, the rod of lingering agony, and wondrous flying coffins powered by those imprisoned within.

Furious Kung Fu action!


Burning Shaolin is the first of Atlas Games' Coriolis adventures. It contains complete game statistics for both the D20 system and the Feng Shui roleplaying game. Look for future Coriolis titles to bring the D20 systems together with many of Atlas Games' other RPGs.

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