Item Code: #WW16010
Title: Of Sound Mind
Type: Adventure
For: 4 1st-4th level characters
Author: Kevin Kulp
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fiery Dragon Productions / Sword & Sorcery Studios
Format: 48-page book, 1 sheet cardstock counters (58 total)
Horror sometimes sneaks up on you in unexpected ways.
In the town of Bellhold, it's not difficult to realize that something is wrong. Everyone is irritable and suffering from nightmares, children are missing, and the local adventuring company has been missing for a week. Yet the headaches are sure to pass, and the mayor is not especially worried.
He should be.
Of Sound Mind flings you into a maelstrom of trouble in which the situation is much, much worse than it first appears. Before your investigation is over, you will be dangling from cliffs, descending deep mountain bowels, uncovering lost hoards of treasure, fleeing from people you thought you knew, and desperately trying to outwit an enemy that is far more than you could ever imagine. The fate of thousand hinges on you success or failure.
Think you're up to it?

A Psionic Fantasy Adventure Sourcebook.

This scenario is designed for four 1st-level characters, but includes notes on scaling the adventure up to 4th-level.

Featuring a foreword by Bruce Cordell, this psionic fantasy adventure features the perfect scenario to launch an ongoing fantasy campaign. Easily adapted for non-psionic use, this sourcebook includes new monsters, new magic and psionic items, a new spell, a collection of player handouts, and a complete set of full-color character and monster counters for tabletop play.

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