Item Code: #LI1451
Title: Streets of Silver
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: Living Imagination Inc.
Format: 321-page perfect-bound book, fold-out map
The City of Parma Comes Alive

  • Hundreds of businesses and shops along the flowing canals and cobblestone streets
  • Find your fortune in service to one of the powerful organizations, or strike out on your own to take advantage of the city's oppurtunities
  • Battle with leering gargoyles, vicious street gangs, and undead horrors erupting from the catacombs
  • Engage in a battle of intrigue with noble families, the City Senate, and powerful bureaucrats
  • A city brimming with hundreds of plots, adventures, dangers, and rewards
  • Designed for use with any d20 fantasy campaign setting.

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