Item Code: #FAF2600
Title: Sundered Reaches Campaign Setting
Type: Accessory
Author: James M. Ward, Jamie Chamber, and William W. Connors
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Explore The Most Challenging Campaign Setting Ever Created!

Welcome to the Red Planet!

Sundered Reaches details a new fantasy campaign setting filled with the most deadly challenges and sinister mysteries ever. Even the tiniest of monsters may be more powerful than the toughest player character! 5,000-year-old mysteries dot the withered landscape! Intelligent crystal cities, filled with amazing treasures and even more astounding defenses, stand ready to be plundered - if the characters can survive long enough!

The toughest challenges you can imagine!

You hold in your hands a tremendous resource designed for powerful campaigns. This is a world where experienced characters too strong for other fantasy settings will struggle to merely survive. A world where even natives, hailing from one of the new and unique races that call Mars home, must fight the elements and their enemies to forge a life. Explore the strange floating canal cities, try to reach the depths of toxic scarlet forests, or struggle to bring peace to this dying world. The choices are yours! But be warned, players and GMs looking for an easy adventure need not open this book...

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breaks new ground in high-level fantasy gaming. This unique d20 campaign setting presents the perfect challenge for players who have been there and done that. Characters can be drawn to the Red Planet from any other d20 campaign or created anew. Sometimes newly arrived characters walk unchanged onto the Red Planet, but just as often they are reshaped into entirely new life forms. Every Martian mile presents its own new and deadly encounters! The creatures that walk the Red Planet are fierce and every corner of the planet is shrouded in mystery. GMs and players alike will have the time of their lives exploring and shaping this new world!

About the Authors:

James M. Ward, William W. Connors and Jamie Chambers have decades of game world design credit behind them. Some of their best work can be found in trademark settings like Greyhawk, Ravenloft and Dragonlance. Together, they have built an amazing new fantasy role-playing setting that will challenge even the most advanced players.

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