Item Code: #AEG8550
Title: Swashbuckling Adventures
Type: Accessory
Author: Erik-Jason Yaple
Published: 2002
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Format: 256-page perfect-bound hardback book
From the open seas to the king's palace,
a new brand of excitement awaits!
Two hundred years from the world of high fantasy, a different kind of world exists: where daring musketeers fight injustice in the name of the king, bold pirates claim riches with a blast of grapeshot, and matters of honor are settled at the end of a blade. It is the world of Errol Flynn and Alexandre Dumas, the world of Captain Blood and the Count of Monte Cristo. It is the world of swashbuckling... and now, it is open to you.
Learn what it means to seek hidden treasure, to plot terrible revenge, to protect the innocent with nothing more than a quick tongue and a quicker sword. Sail with daring privateers in search of fabulous riches, plunder the wealthy as a charming highwayman, or thwart dastardly villains as one of the famous musketeers. From the halls of power where noble courtiers plot endless intrigue, to the wharfside docks where vicious sailors will kill you for your boots, it's all waiting between these covers.
Welcome to Swashbuckling Adventures!

  • Everything you need to run a swashbuckling campaign using the popular d20 system.
  • Fully compatible with Théah, the award-winning world of the 7th Sea role-playing game. Swashbuckling Adventures includes thorough details on this rich gaming environment - and yet can easily accomodate any other world you choose!
  • Nearly a dozen new base classes! Play a wily highwayman, a fearsome Inquisitor, or a dashing swashbuckler.
  • Over 90 new prestige classes, including a rich variety of swordsman schools - each one distinct. Turn your run-of-the-mill fighter into a first-rate duelist with a unique fighting style all his own!
  • An innovative series of new rules for naval warfare, ship creation and mass combat. Take your game to places it's never been before!
  • Page after page of Théan artifacts and magic items. Learn the secrets of Théah's most unique items... or transport them into your own world. Equip your dwarf with dracheneisen steel, five your rogue a Montaigne Puzzle Sword, and let your barbarian strap on a fearsome Leviathan bone!
  • Stats for brutes and thugs, the facesless hordes that every self-respecting swashbuckler must face.
  • Detailed maps of the great Théan nations, a complete Théan timeline, and tips for playing swashbucklers in any style of campaign.
  • Action, intrigue, and excitement of countless varieties!
Requires the use of the Dungeon & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.

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