Item Code: #MKY1112
Title: The Sword of Justice
Type: Adventure
For: 1st-2nd level characters
Author: Aaron Stimson
Published: 2002
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 56-page book
Two Days to Live!

Welcome to Om Amarna, and the annual Horse Festival. It is a time of celebration, drinking, haggling, and thanksgiving.
Celebrate while you can, because soon the peace will be shattered. And in its wake will come danger, suspicion, and tragedy.

In this first adventure in the cursed land of Tieros, beginning characters will be forced to work together in a race against time to find critical answers in a crowded, diverse, and paranoid city. Answers that will satisfy the Dark Guard and the Cult of Justice. Answers that will save their own necks from the gallows.

The Sword of Justice introduces Tieros, a land cursed bythe acts of an ancient hero, bound by common fate, and diverse in culture and belief.

In this adventure characters will become familiar with an exotic new PC race, the dangers of practicing magic in Tieros, the fanatical Cult of Justice who worships Law itself, and the ubiquitous Dark Guard, the military power that protects and enforces peace.

Will you survive your first adventure in Tieros, or will it claim your life?

The Sword of Justice is a d20 fantasy adventure for first and second level characters.

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