Item Code: #FAF2006
Title: Swords of Power
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 224-page perfect-bound hardback book
With the right sword I can save a kingdom!

You are a young knight recently awared honors at Camelot by King Arthur himself. All the other knights are out on quests and the castle is being stormed by three terrible Fire Giants. Merlin and Arthur are riding back as fast as they can, but it's up to you to hold off the giants until help arrives. Taking up the legendary Sword of Camelot, vast strength flows through your body and panic is driven from your mind by inspired tactics and wisdom. Ordering the castle guards to hold their positions, you mount your war stallion. Riding out of the castle with the enchanted Sword of Camelot in your hand, you are all there is between the giants and the walls of the greatest castle in the world.

This book delivers the cutting edge!

This 224-page rulebook fills a consistent void in fantasy role-playing worlds: too many magical swords, not enough background to make them interesting. Now the referee has 105 richly described swords, daggers, and enchanted knives for his campaign. Each weapon is capable of generating entire campaigns of action as player characters strive against incredible odds to win the best blades in the world. No longer non-descript bits of treasure, these magical swords are masterfully brought to life. Rediscover the fantasy!

Swords of Power includes:

105 enchanted swords, daggers, and knives are detailed using the d20 System with generous color information to drop them into any fantasy campaign.

Each blade is listed in two formats. The first format is a creative story packed with details allowing the referee to get some idea of the history or interest the blade has created in the world at large. The second listing at the back of the book provides complete d20 details on the weapon and often its guardians, pursuers, and other magic protection surrounding the sword at its present location.

Beautiful illustrations of every sword, dagger, and knife. Each rendering is an accurate depiction of the original magical weapon and true to the painstakingly accurate replicas.

Swords of Power is a d20 System product detailing enchanted swords of amazing magical power. Far more than just a listing of swords, this book details in storyteller form the people, monsters, places, and conditions where the swords are used or hidden. Full scale replicas of all of the enchanted swords in this book can be purchased online at our website:

About the Authors:

James M. Ward, Timothy Brown, and Lester Smith, the core of Fast Forward's masterful and award-winning design team. They use a storyteller format to present original gaming details and stats for these unique magical swords. With additional design from Anne Brown, Johnathan Cassie, Dan Grendell, Chris Hartford, Kevin Melka, David Lyons, Michelle Lyons, Jeff Quick, and Chris Trossen, Swords of Power presents never before seen enchanting stories with magical swords suitable for any fantasy campaign world.

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