Item Code: #MYG0202
Title: Arcane Mysteries: Tarot Magic
Type: Accessory
Author: Andrew Thompson
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mystic Eye Games
Format: 88-page perfect-bound book
"I see great things in store for you, adventure and hardship, love and riches..."

For ages, humans have sought ways to pierce the veil of darkness, to understand the meaning of life and to gain some knowledge as to our part in the mysterious drama that make up our lives.
Within each generation there are a select few who can look beyond the Present and see the Past and Future.
But care must be taken to journey beyond the realm of the
Here and Now, for the ways are treacherous and the paths confusing.
To aid them, the seers have created the Tarot deck, the cards of fate and power.

This book brings the Tarot into the fantasy d20 game.
Whether as flavor to spice up encounters with charlatans or seers, adventure hooks to guide players to their next exploits, or new spells to add a new dimension to a fantasy campaign, Tarot Magic guides both the Game Masters and the players through the mysteries of the Tarot.

Over 150 New Spells
A detailed method to bring Tarot readings into the game
A Tarot Mage Class
A Tarot Mage Prestige Class
New Skills and Feats
A System to incorporate the Tarot into the Traditional Magic System
63 Magic Items
A Complete Foul Locale Adventure

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