Item Code: #MYG0001
Title: The Hunt: Rise of Evil World Book
Type: Accessory
Author: Doug Herring and Andrew Thompson
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mystic Eye Games
Format: 144-page perfect-bound book
I am old now and I fear I have little time left to chronicle all that I have learned in my travels.
My life has been both blessed and cursed. I am a Child of the Waking Dream, touched by fate and bound to a being in another far off world.
The common folk would call me a hero, the great Pantheon, a threat.
I walk a fine line between the light and the shadows.
Stalking the nightmares sent from a mystical realm I can neither see nor visit.

There are others like me and it is for them that I try in these late years to chronicle what I know.
I have been on "The Hunt" for more than three decades and I have seen most of what there is to see of this world.
In this tome I will introduce you as best I can to all the world, its kingdoms, its people and its ways.

Take heed, the hunt never ends for the Children of the Waking Dream until we are cold in our graves.
That time may be short of long, glorious of tragic, and what you learn here may make the difference.

Dimitri Amadon
An excerpt from chronicle of the first child

"The Hunt: Rise of Evil" is a d20 campaign setting by Mystic Eye Games.
In this book you will be immersed into the dark world of Gothos.
You will find a new and fantastic land where the dreams and nightmares of our sleeping Earth folk find their way into this mystical world.
This unique campaign setting will give you new rules, kingdoms, classes, races, magic, and much more.
Play in our world or simply apply all that you find here to any d20 game.

Become a Child of the Waking Dream and join the hunt today!

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, Published by Wizards of the Coast.

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